Say goodbye to the stone-age way of planning Group Travel

How often have you planned a trip with others, and got so fed up of the tedious planning process that you just wanted to give up altogether. Spending countless hours searching for flights, hotels and activities, jumping from one site to another to find the right information, jotting all of that down and then exchanging it via phone calls, emails, text messages, Facebook. The entire process makes you want to pull your hair out – Sounds familiar?

Somehow, group travel planning has never been even half the fun actually going on a trip is. Yes, planning a group trip, especially a long one, requires research and communication, but it doesn’t have to be boring and cumbersome.

2976755407_6a6a574596_oUnfortunately, the planning tools available to travelers today are not very user-friendly and instead of making the process easier, they make it more complicated.  Anybody who has planned a multi-destination trip with friends/family knows how hard it is, despite there being so many sites and apps out there that adamantly claim otherwise.

We live in an age of social media, where people trust online user reviews more than they trust advertising, where they first like to talk to their friends/family/experts online before booking a trip. They look up reviews on Tripadvisor or Lonely Planet, participate in discussions with their friends on Facebook or Whatsapp and ultimately go to an Expedia or to make the bookings. Unfortunately, there’s no single application out there today that allows users to do all this in one place…or is there?

Yes, there is – Welcome to MyTripKarma!

MyTripKarma - Available on all devices

MyTripKarma is the world’s first truly social travel application that brings everybody on the same page and lets you collaboratively plan, discuss, budget and book all your travel.

MyTripKarma allows you to:

  • Invite your friends via email/social media to join a trip and plan together
  • Access global content of flights, hotels, restaurants, attractions aggregated from multiple sites
  • Discuss various options with your tripmates and together build your itinerary
  • Do trip Budgeting and Booking based on real-time pricing either as a group or separately – All in one place.  

Now you don’t have to use 10 different apps/sites for your travel needs!

What’s more, you can upload and store all your trip photos and videos in the app and easily share them with your friends and family. You can even copy and reuse your past trip itineraries to plan new trips or share them with others planning similar trips to help them save a lot of time.

MyTripKarma eliminates the hassles of group travel and makes it fun and enjoyable.

It ‘s ideal for planning all kinds of group/solo trips, including vacations, weekends, business trips and evenings/night outs.

Log on now to get started!

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