The Complete Travel Guide to Rio Olympics 2016: Part 3

When you are in Rio you must try the local food. There are a lot of options for vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. Apart from food, Brazil is known for it’s exotic fruits and fruit juices. Do try Acai, a dessert, a slushy puree of açaí juice, ice, sugar, and loads of guarana syrup. It tastes yum!!

Here are some of most the popular foods you will find in Rio.


Feijoada is a traditional dish rooted in African cuisine and made with meat and black beans. It is usually served in Rio on Wednesday and Saturdays.

It is a staple of the Brazilian diet and a feast of stewed beans in a pork or beef gravy, accompanied by crisp yellow potatoes, crunchy pork cracklings, fresh shredded kale, fluffy farofa and orange slices, which are meant to ‘cut through the calories’ and aid in digestion.

Pair the meal with the smoothest filtered caipirinhas in town, known as ‘batidas’, and end with a selection of traditional Brazilian sweets – goiaba jam, doce de leite (a sweet milk puree) or caramelized banana paté.


Brazil’s other national dish is mixed grilled meat, or churrasco, served in vast portions off the spit, and accompanied by a buffet of salads, beans and mashed vegetables. Churrascos are served in churrascarias or rodízios. The meat is generally excellent, especially in the best churascarias, and no visit to Rio de Janeiro is complete without a true churrascaria(traditional barbecue restaurant) experience, which is generally offered as a set menu that includes a selection of side dishes and salads.

Rio has some of the finest churrascarias in Brazil. The most popular in the city include Porcão in Flamengo, Fogo do Chāo in Botafogo, and local favorite, the 63-year-old family restaurant Churrascaria Palace in Copacabana.

Cachaca or Caipirinha

The national liquor is cachaça (also known as pinga), which is made from sugar-cane. Mixed with fruit juice, sugar and crushed ice, cachaça becomes the principal element in a batida, a refreshing but deceptively powerful drink.

Served with pulped lime or other fruit, mountains of sugar and smashed ice it becomes the world’s favourite party cocktail, caipirinha.

Fruit juices

Brazil’s myriad fruits are used to make fruit juices or sucos, which come in a delicious variety. Caldo de canais sugar-cane juice, sometimes mixed with ice. Água de côco or côco verde is coconut water served straight from a chilled, fresh, green coconut.

The best known of many local soft drinks is guaraná, which is a very popular carbonated fruit drink, completely unrelated to the Amazon nut. The best variety is guaraná Antarctica.

Rio’s best street food


The classic savoury filling is probably simply cheese. The classic sweet flavour is condensed milk with grated coconut. But there are some other great combinations – ham and cheese, carne seca with catupiry (a salty cured beef with gooey creamy cheese) and many more.


A bite into one of these fresh, crispy stuffed  and steaming hot pastry pockets filled with meat, cheese, which range from a palm-sized crescent moon to a rectangle renders a completely awesome experience to our taste buds.


Crumbly empadas, (pastries filled with chicken or cheese) make for a great street food.

Where to Eat


Also popular on the hop are the hundreds of little bars (botecos) with a few stools where empadinhas are served (baked or deep-fried pastries stuffed with spiced beef, pork, ham, chicken, melting cheese, vegetable, bacalhau (dried cod) and potato).


Lanchonetes are cheap and cheerful help-yourself bars. At Chumasco Lanchonete, there are 50 dishes offered along a central buffet including dozens of salads and varied titbits as well as more substantial chicken, beef, fish and pasta dishes.

Beach Bars or Barzinhos De Praia

You can stop by at one of  the beach bars to have fresh coconut water or coco verde as it is commonly known.

Academia Da Cachaca

It’s a great visitor attraction and a pride of cariocas where one can enjoy specialties such as shredded beef.

Gourmet in Rio

Over the last decade, gourmet food fever has spread across Rio de Janeiro. Fashionable fine dining is now a regular pastime for Cariocas who are ready to loosen their purse strings. One of the most impressive establishments is Restaurante Aprazível. Set on the highest point of Santa Teresa’s winding cobbled streets, the restaurant’s intimate bamboo-roofed huts boast stunning views of the city. Experience some of the best ingredients Brazil has to offer with dishes like the gigantic heart of palm starter, which is served with a fresh olive and basil pesto.

Important Note:

Regarding the spread of Zika virus in Brazil, CDC(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has issued the following prevention guidelines:

  • If you are planning to visit places affected with the outbreak, then wear full sleeved shirt and full pants and apply lots of mosquito repellent on the exposed parts of your body to prevent being bitten by the zika virus carrying mosquitoes.
  • Pregnant women should avoid traveling to Brazil as it can affect the growth of the foetus.
  • Stay in places with air conditioning or that use window and door screens to keep mosquitoes outside.
  • Sleep under a mosquito bed net if you are overseas or outside and are not able to protect yourself from mosquito bites.
  • Treat clothing and gear with permethrin or purchase permethrin-treated items.

With this part we conclude our Rio Olympics series and we hope that now you are equipped with all the information that you require to plan your trip to Rio to witness the adrenaline pumping Summer Olympics. In our next post we’ll show you how you can plan your entire trip using MyTripKarma in just a few simple steps – the easiest way to plan group travel!

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