7 Must have gadgets for travelers

Whenever a person steps out of their house, it has become a necessity for them to make sure that they are not forgetting any of their precious gadgets behind. In an age where we have become so dependent on technology, these 7 gadgets will make travelling simpler.

 1) Go Pro HERO4 Black


The best way to capture your holidays, this 150 gram camera lets you capture stunning videos and  photos with a 12 MP camera,  HD recording and 4k capabilities. The camera is durable and waterproof.

2) Mophie Powerstation

A portable charger that offers multiple charging speeds depending on the device connected, supports all kinds of USB interfaces. Extends on your phones life by 3 times on an average, depends on the type of phone connected too.

3) Kindle Paperwhite


For all avid readers the Kindle Paperwhite offers the perfect solution. With an anti-glare screen that works perfectly even in bright sunlight and at night, the kindle has a battery life of weeks.

4) SteriPen


Travelling to remote places? No problem! The SteriPEN instantly kills all pathogen and bacteria within seconds. This handy device can clean up to 20 liters of water in a single charge.

5) Scosche BTBTLGY Boom Bottle


Travelling is always more fun with music! This amazing rugged and waterproof speaker offers 10 hours of continuous playback with Bluetooth connectivity. Ideal for beach usage and adventure trips.

6) Bluesmart Carry-on


This futuristic looking bag weighs a mere 4.26 kgs and provides you with a built in scale, inbuilt battery to charge any device via USB, tracking and even a smart lock. All this features can be accessed through a dedicated app.

7) Digitsole smart shoes


These shoes tighten and loosen automatically, warm your feet, track your daily movements and even manages the insole to absorb shock. These back to the future shoes are controlled through a dedicated app.

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