The simplest, coolest and newest way to travel!

Travel goes social (3)


How many times have you planned a holiday with never able to execute it through?
For whatever reason it maybe, travelling with friends or family is an experience we both look forward to and dread.

The problem with travelling with people is that not only do you have to think about what you want to do, but rather what everyone would want to. Finding different places, discussing things and booking them is a process completing which you go crazy going through at multiple websites and travel agents.

Well, there is a simpler way to deal of all your travel woes. Mytripkarma aims to make group travel the positive and fun experience that it is, use our intuitive interface that provides you with a centralized timeline where anything and everything related to your trip would go. Discuss possible locations, add hotels, attractions, important places to visit, flights, restaurants and even make custom lists.

Whats more is that even when you are travelling, the app features a nearby function that allows you look for places of interest around a particular hotel or attraction that you plan to visit. Share all your photos and videos on Mytripkarma so that all your trip mates have access to them.

You do not need to struggle with different methods of communication, online travel portals and travel information sites for planning your trip. Mytripkarma brings together the functionality of all these applications on a single ingenious application! Log onto Mytripkarma and discover how travel goes social!

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