10 weekend getaways near Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is one of the fastest growing cities in India. Not only does Ahmedabad serve as one of the most rapidly growing industrial hubs but is also deeply embedded with culture and customs. Filled with fine restaurants and fabulous markets, Ahmedabad has something for everyone.

Whether you are a resident of Ahmedabad or planning to visit, here is a list of 10 places around the city that would make for an amazing weekend getaway or even a day trip with your friends, family or colleagues.

All the locations mentioned below are in a 200 km radius. We hope this list helps you plan your ideal getaway!

1) Rani Ki Vav stepwell

It’s an ancient stepwell in the city of Patan. Spend your weekend here to witness the exemplary subterranean architecture. It was built by Rani (Queen) Udaymati  around 1022-1063 A.D. It has been declared a world heritage site by  UNESCO. It has beautiful carvings of the hindu deities on all the seven levels of stairs and sculptural panels.

Sahastralinga Talav is another ancient historical site to visit in Patan. It is an artificial water tank which reveals the architectural genius of the engineers of that time keeping efficient water management in mind.

Other than these two spots there are many Jain and Hindu temples in Patan. Also, at Hemchandracharya Gyan Mandir you can see rare ancient manuscripts in Prakrit and Sanskrit.

Distance from Ahmedabad: 130 kms


  1. Take Khawaja Nasiruddin Chisty Rd to Chimanbhai Patel Flyover/Gujarat State Highway 41
  2. Continue on Gujarat State Highway 41. Drive from Mehsana Bypass Rd, GJ SH 55 and GJ SH 7 to Bhadra, Patan


2) Adalaj stepwell


Adalaj is another stepwell very close to Ahmedabad and a very beautifully carved historical monument. When you go one flight down the stairs towards the well, you come to a very intricately carved middle section of the well that offers great photo opportunities. At the entrance of the next flight of stairs towards the well, there are beautiful pillars with rectangle openings which look like photo frames with beautiful carvings on the edges. You can embark on these from the side step and click nice pictures here.

Going further down there you will see the actual well which has been protected by metal railings and fence.

Distance from Ahmedabad: 18 kms


  1. Take Khawaja Nasiruddin Chisty Rd to Chimanbhai Patel Flyover/Gujarat State Highway 41
  2. Follow Gujarat State Highway 41


3) Indroda Nature park


Dinosaur park

Situated in Gandhinagar, it is a great place to go for a day trip with family and a good educational tour if you have kids along with you. From the entrance, the first place to visit here is the Dinosaur fossil park inside which there are huge life-sized dinosaur of different kinds.

There are a lot of animals in the zoo, like leopards, tigers, jackals, crocodiles, sambar, spotted deer, black buck, white buck and almost 42 birds in the aviary.

Just a word of caution here, there are very few sign boards indicating the exit, so you can ask for directions from the officials at the entrance. Try to go as early as possible since you may end up burning your back in the harsh summer sun. Wear shoes and hats, carry water bottle and snacks.

Distance from Ahmedabad: 24.6 kms


Drive from Airport Rd and Gandhinagar-Ahmedabad Rd to Dholakuva, Gandhinagar


4) Pavagadh

pavagadh hill.jpg

Pavagadh is perfect for a weekend getaway and one of the best places is the Pavagadh hill. It is a nice hill station and one can either climb the hill or take a cable car to go to the top to watch the clouds over the hill. It’s a very pleasant sight early in the morning.

Another popular place is the Goddess Mahakali temple Shaktipeeth which is thronged by Hindu and Muslim pilgrims throughout the year. You can take the ropeway to the top which may otherwise take an hour to reach the top. The ropeway is a blessing for old age pilgrims.

Distance from Ahmedabad: 115 kms


  1. Take Swami Vivekananda Rd, Diwan Ballubhai Rd, Khokhra Rd, Hatkeshwar Rd and CTM Flyover 2 to NE1 in Hatkeshwar
  2. Turn left onto NE1
  3. Take GJ SH 158 and Rameshra Rd to your destination in Vinto


5) Champaner



It is a place in the Panchmahal district and was founded by Vanraj Chavda , ruler from the Chavda dynasty. The Champaner-Pavagadh Archeological Park here is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Jami Masjid, Pavagadh fort, Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary, Shehar ki Masjid, Sikandar Shah’s tomb, Nagina Masjid and Nila Gumbaj ki Masjid are some of the places which you can visit here.

There are a few hotels in the city but you will find good hotels a little away from the city where you can stay over the weekend.

Distance from Ahmedabad: 146 kms


  1. Take Swami Vivekananda Rd, Diwan Ballubhai Rd, Khokhra Rd, Hatkeshwar Rd and CTM Flyover 2 to NE1 in Hatkeshwar
  2. Turn left onto NE1
  3. Take Vadodara-Halol Hwy and Halol-Pavagadh Rd to your destination in Champaner


6) Zanzari Waterfalls


These are beautiful falls near Ahmedabad and make for a great day trip. Wade across the rippling water of the falls and enjoy the beautiful landscape. Carry water bottle and snacks along with you because there are not many facilities available, like locker room or washroom and the parking area is very far from the falls. Morning time is the best time to be here.

Distance from Ahmedabad : 71.7 kms


  1. Take Airport Rd to NH8 in Nana Chiloda
  2. Follow GJ SH 68 and Dahegam-Bayad Rd


7) Blackbuck Lodge


If you are ready to shell out a handsome amount of money to make a great weekend then this is an option you can surely consider. This resort is impeccably clean and the property is well maintained. Wake up to see blackbucks and deers just outside your room windows. The food provided here is very fresh and amazing.

Distance from Ahmedabad: 143.7 kms


  1. Take Vasna Rd to NH947 in Rehnuma Society
  2. Take NH 8A, Amreli Rd/Bagodara Rd and GJ SH 6 to Adhelai-Velavadar Link Road
  3. Follow Adhelai-Velavadar Link Road to your destination


8) Polo Forest

polo forest


You can enjoy trekking here, visit the ruins of ancient temples and enjoy the lush green forest. It is a beautiful place to go on a weekend but it is advisable to carry your own food and water here.

The only hotel here in Vijaynagar is Vijay Vilas run by the royal family, a nice and calm place to stay.

Distance from Ahmedabad: 152 kms


  1. Take Airport Rd to NH8 in Nana Chiloda
  2. Follow NH8, Idar Rd and NH76A to Antarsumba


9) Kensville Golf Club



It is a great place to enjoy for a day trip. A great place to play golf and one can play a lot of other games here too. Food is good and rooms are well maintained. There is a Gym, spa and swimming pool.

Distance from Ahmedabad: 50kms


  1. Take Vasna Rd to NH947 in Rehnuma Society
  2. Drive from NH 8A to Kerala


10) Sardar Sarovar Dam


Although the dam is 200 kms away from Ahmedabad and a little far off from our criteria of choosing a place for a day trip or a weekend getaway, we were still tempted to mention it in our list because it is an amazing place to visit during the monsoon season when the water is overflowing in the dam and there is beautiful lush green landscape all around. If you want a full canal visit then you will have to take permission from Gandhinagar Sachivalay before your visit to the dam.

It is the second largest dam in the world and makes for a good tourist place. On the dam site there is Narmada Darshan Model Room, Shoolpaneshwar wildlife interpretation centre, Lakes , Sunset point, Shoolpaenshwar temple at Gora and a few other temples. Then there is Zarwani waterfall, Ninai waterfall, Ecotourism center etc

In the vicinity there are other good places to visit, like the Kuber Bhandari temple, Neelkanthdham and Swaminarayan temple.

Distance from Ahmedabad: 200 kms


  1. Take Swami Vivekananda Rd, Diwan Ballubhai Rd, Khokhra Rd, Hatkeshwar Rd and CTM Flyover 2 to NH8 in Hatkeshwar
  2. Drive from NE1 to Vadodara
  3. Follow GJ SH 11 and GJ SH 63 to NH953 in Devaliya
  4. Turn right at Devaliya onto NH953


Though you may not feel spoilt for choice from the list mentioned above, these places are pretty good and we are sure that they will make for a great weekend or a day trip. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and off you go!

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