10 Weird Restaurants around the World that will give you goosebumps!

You may have been to many amazing restaurants with fine dining and great interiors but there are some unusual ones around the world that you may not have heard of. These restaurants are more about their unique experiences than food so that when you leave, you cherish the experience apart from the food. Some of them are meant for a social cause, some anti-social and some just for offering a thrill to the diners. Whatever be the case, they are an out of the world experience.

Check out some of the world’s most unusual restaurants:

 1) Modern Toilet – Taipei City, Taiwan Province, People’s Republic of China

Taiwan 692



Imagine yourself seated on a toilet seat and having a full fledged meal! Well at this restaurant you can enjoy your meal on a real toilet seat and served in toilet shaped dinnerware. It initially started off by serving ice cream in a squat toilet bowl. Feel like trying?

2) Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas, America

Heart Attack Grill owner Jon poses with a quadruple bypass cheese burger in Chandler, Arizona
Heart Attack Grill owner Jon poses with a quadruple bypass cheese burger in Chandler, Arizona. The restaurant is known for its hospital theme and triple and quadruple bypass burgers.


On entering the restaurant and before eating meals like the quadruple bypass burger, the diners are given hospital style gowns and are served by waitresses dressed as nurses who even help you out of the restaurant on a wheel chair if required. Interesting! Right?

3) Tsiferblat Clockface Cafe, Moscow


At this restaurant you pay only for time. As you enter the cafe you are given a clock and you pay for the time that’s on the clock. You can bring your food and drinks. Tea, coffee, cookies, table games, wifi etc everything is free. Amazing!

4) Disaster Café, Lloret de Mar, Spain



At this restaurant , you can feel the full force of a simulated Earthquake that reads 7.8 on the richter scale. Really thinking of paying for an earthquake experience?

5) El Diablo (Volcano Restaurant), Lanzarote, Canary Islands


Have the guts to try the most dangerous BBQ in the world? This restaurant in Canary Islands is called El Diabolo, which means ‘Devil’ in English, and uses the geothermal heat from a dormant volcano to cook the food.

6) Ithaa Undersea Restaurant – Rangali Island, Maldives



Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is the world’s first and the only all glass under sea restaurant. It has the seating for only 14 people. Experience aquatic life all around you while having your meal.

7) Baggers, Nuremberg, Germany


This is the world’s first automated restaurant, a latest revolution in the restaurant business. The entire restaurant is networked via a computer system and a touch screen is installed at each table to browse and order the food. The gravity feed rail system brings the food down from the kitchen upstairs at really high speed and then lands on the table. It really feels like an olympic race of the dishes!

8) Dinner in the Sky, Belgium

dinner in the sky.JPG


Enjoy Brussel’s high cuisine, enjoying an amazing view of the city with the dining table suspended in the air in front of the atomium, along with patrons. Dinner in the sky. A wild dream come true..Isn’t it?

 9) The Chillout Lounge, Dubai


Chill out at this awe inspiring restaurant in Dubai where you can find ice sculptures, ice seating and tables and an exquisitely illuminated interiors at sub zero temperatures. As you arrive there your provided with thermal clothing to keep yourself warm at minus six degrees.

10) O.NOIR (Dine in the Dark) Restaurant- Toronto, Canada



O’Noir is Canada’s only ‘Dine in the dark’ restaurant and according to the former owner of the restaurant, when we eat in the dark, it heightens our senses and we are able to savor even simple dishes like potatoes and yogurt become a culinary flare. Also the waiting staff here is visually impaired, so eating in the dark gives a better understanding to the customers, what it takes to be blind so that they give a serious thought to this issue and provide jobs to the visually impaired people. Hmm..Some food for thought! Right?

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