Crazy Festivals Around the World You Won’t Believe Exist!

World is a book full of strange and wonderful stories. And we as travelers want to read every page of it. Some stories are real but some sound too crazy to real. But one thing is for certain, you just can’t stop reading. In this strange world, there are festivals which stretch the limits of human imagination.

There are many festivals and cultural rituals being celebrated across the globe, that you probably would never have heard of. These celebrations and rituals will raise many questions to you, but then, not all questions have answers.

So are you ready to take a trip to the really bizarre? Here we go.

1) The Burning Man, USA

Burning Man is more than a celebration. The occasion unites 60,000 individuals in an ordinarily cold “playa” (the name given to the Black Rock Desert) for the celebration of art and music. The celebrations begin on the last Monday of August and end on the first Monday of September. It’s a spot where you will discover pack of exposed and nude hippies moving till day break and lounging in untamed insurgency – however it’s a more than that: gigantic workmanship structures, an open and comprehensive group and day by day workshops on everything from yoga to dance, music to how to upgrade your orgasm.

2) La Tomatina, Spain


La Tomatina in Bunol, Valencia is known as world’s biggest food battle with 22,000 tomato lovers turn up for the greatest tomato battle each year. The insane food battling celebration of La Tomatina started in 1945, however it’s not known why. Consistently the celebration is hung on the last Wednesday of the August. Date of current frenzy of the La Tomatina is booked at 31st August,2016. So take the world and paint it with the tomato at La Tomatina.

3) The International Highline Meeting Festival, Italy


The International Highline Meeting Festival seems as though one of the marvelous celebration for gathering boomers. Tight ropes extending over the Italian Alps in perfect Monte Piana and host a get-together up in the mists what hold the celebration participants energized each year. There is a bar, kitchen, and music jam sessions for participants to appreciate together consistently, and additionally yoga workshops and pair paraglide flights. A celebration for immaculate experience addicts, did not have a settled system of dates, everything relied on upon climate conditions in Italian alps.

4) Golden Retriever Festival, Scotland


Every year in July, the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland composed the cutest party of brilliant retrievers originates from over the globe. It speaks to the transcendence for goodness’ sake of golden retriever and the uncommon bond with such a large number of families offer with their canine buddies. It gets to be happiest spot on the earth to visit in the month of July. There’s a saying that golden retrievers are originating from around the globe to pay tribute to the man who initially bred them here in the mid-1800s.

5) Yi Peng Lantern Festival, Thailand

Marina Bay Countdown 2013

Yi Peng, the Festival of Lights is praised each year on the full moon day in the second month of Lanna lunar timetable in Chiang Mai, the antiquated capital of previous Lanna Kingdom, Thailand. The general population praise this celebration by discharging the gliding lamps into the sky; the launch is to dispose of their misfortune and improve a desire for a future.

6) Boryeong Mud Festival, South Korea


At most celebrations, mud is something to be overlooked. In any case, at Boryeong celebration in South Korea, it’s the main attraction. Every year, millions of travelers descend on Daecheon beach in a two-week celebration of all things muddy. A cosmetics company started this mud festival in 1998, as a marketing stunt – now 3 million people visit every year in the month of July. If you want to get dirty in public, then you shouldn’t miss this party.

7) Kanamara Matsuri, Japan


The prominent celebration Kanamara Matsuri is celebrated yearly on the primary Sunday in April in Japan. Referred to casually as the “Penis Festival”, or Festival of the Steel Phallus, which commends richness and advances safe sex. Individuals sucking on penis-molded candies, penis-themed tunes, genitalia cutting rivalries and offerings of “testicle-vagina” rice wine, sound like a scene from X-rated film. Actually, these are only a couple of the highlights of the one-day Kanamara Matsuri celebration, which sees the Japanese city of Kawasaki overwhelm with tributes to the male part.

8) Roswell UFO Festival, Mexico

This is the sort of thing that happens when a flying saucer crashes in your town. The UFO Festival in Roswell, New Mexico, held each July to remember the day in 1947 when outsiders (Aliens), touched down close to this town. The weekend spectacle pulls in more than 20,000 of the paranormally adjusted each year. Visitors wander the streets wearing green face paint, foil gloves, and coil-spring antennae. The action revolves around the International UFO Museum, which is packed with artifacts detailing the landing (and alleged subsequent government “cover-up”), including photos of spaceships and an operating room from the 1995 television movie The Roswell Incident.

9) Oktoberfest, Germany

Oktoberfest Munich is the biggest folk festival in the world. And it actually starts in September. It’s a beer festival after all, so the most important thing to celebrate is not the arrival of Munich’s spring but the tastiness, juiciness, drunkenness and bitterness of its excellent beer. Oktoberfest is three weekends long. Don’t be shocked when people publicly start snorting a white powder which look like a cocaine but it’s just a mixture of sugar and menthol and it’s legal.

10)  Festa del Cornuto (Festival of the Horns), Italy


This is the festival for life’s losers as it celebrates anyone who has been cheated on in a relationship. It takes place in November in the town of Roca Canterano near Rome, Italy. The people march through the streets wearing a helmet with horns, sometimes crying and smashing up CDs or other objects that symbolize their failed relationships. The horns are a metaphor for someone that has been cheated on. These people tell their sorry stories, passing them through the streets where lots of fresh connections are made. For some it’s a place to meet people, but it just sounds bizarre to us!

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