Unusual Casinos around the World

One of the best things about travelling as a grown-up is that you get to visit casino resorts on your trip, where style and betting rein supreme and millions can be won..or..lost!

Thousands flock into Casinos each year to test their fortunes, while enjoying the luxuries the hotels they’re housed in have to offer.

However, there are some casinos around the world that provide unusual settings and experiences. Say an underground casino in the middle of the desert or a casino resort surrounded by wilderness.

Here are 10 such unusual casinos around the world:

1) The Revel, Atlantic City

atlantic-city the revel

Revel means to celebrate,  which is what the Revel Casino Resort offers to its guests. From outside view, it’s the crown jewel of Atlantic City. It actually shimmers because of the sunlight that reflects off it. This is a complete entertainment package with a huge resort, casino and spa.

2) Desert Cave Hotel – Australia


Located underground amidst the desert, in Coober Pedy, a clamoring Australian town 846 km north of Adelaide, where everybody lives underground. Sounds cool right? The territory is eminent for opal mining and to get away from the occasionally deplorable heat. Now anyone can get a feel of playing in the cool, vaporous and roomy underground gambling casino and stay in its underground inn rooms too.

3) Birdcage view, The Grand Lisboa, Macau

Th grand lisboa, bird cage view
Casino Lisboa is a three-story tall, round building in He Hongshen, Macau, which is known as Oriental Las Vegas or Monte Carlo of the East. The principal building resembles a large bird surrounded by more than a million LED lights. From a distance, it also looks like a monster watercraft. The primary entrance of the casino resort looks like an open mouth of a tiger. 

4) The Paranormal Casino club, Colorado

Haunted Colorado casino,

At first look the Colorado Grande Casino and Hotel appears to be fairly unassuming, with an ageless block engineering design. This spot is significantly more than a memorable milestone and clamoring business. It is likewise known for much darker reasons. Individuals have reported seeing a redhead lady, (some say brunette), who is around 25 years of age in the casino during night-time, wearing old pieces of clothing and playing the spaces with a strange male partner. Therefore, it is accepted to be among the most haunted areas in the United States.

5) Holland Casino, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

It’s small, it’s basic, and it’s designed for some quick fun before leaving for your destination. Who knows, you might win some cash while waiting for your flight at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The Holland Casino is located in flight Hall 2, between Gates E and F behind Passport Control. It is one of only a handful of casinos inside an airplane terminal. 

6) Sun City Casino, South Africa


Africa’s most beautiful resort and casino, Sun City encompasses a universe of wildernesses and untamed life, streams, waterfalls and swimming pools. Amidst the wilderness, it’s a spot where you can have a fabulous time of both casino and nature.

7) Resort World in Genting, Malaysia


Genting Highlands, or Resorts World Genting is an amusement park/resort giving casino gambling, attractions, expansive lodging and huge fun for the entire family. What’s more, the insane thing is, it is situated at a height of 5,708 ft. (1,740 m) on a mountain top. This casino can be reached via a skyway, and visitors get great views of the mountains.

8) Prairie Knights Casino and Resort, USA
Prairie knights Casino

For anybody searching for some genuine isolation, you should unquestionably go to Prairie Knights Casino Resorts. It has more than 700 space machines and 14 table diversions including Blackjack, Craps, and poker. The gambling club’s hotel has 200 visitor rooms. Yet, the peculiar thing is that Fort Yates in North Dakota, where the casino is situated at has just around 125 people – which is significantly smaller than the number of slot machines at the casino.

9) Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas 


There’s nothing especially odd about Palms Casino Resort. In any case, what is odd is the Hot Pink Suite, which is basically a Barbie themed rooms in the resort. The Barbie Suite at the Palms Casino Resort unquestionably gives an extraordinary experience particularly for Barbie fans. 

10) Haunted Casino, Romania

Casino Constanta

Situated on the shore of the Black Sea in Constanta, Romania, the Casino Constanta — once known for world’s rich and illustrious as the most eminent building in Romania — is a hauntingly lovely shell of its previous self today. It opened in 1910, and after second world war it became costly to manage. It has now turned into a place where according to local folklore, vampires roam. 

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