19 Awesome Free Marketing Tools Every Startup Should Use!

With tight budgets and even tighter targets, every startup is on the run to save money. But what we all want to do is achieve is growth! From our personal experience of growing MyTripKarma, we would like to share some of the most essential tools to help you utilize the power of the free internet!

We have curated a list of some of the best free resources available on the web that will help you create better content, reach more people and accurately track your site or app’s performance.

Content Marketing Tools

1) Canva


Canva is a free tool with an extremely user-friendly interface that helps you design amazing graphics of all sizes and sorts, without having to hire a designer! With an extensive array of editing tools and easy to use design elements like frames, icons, text boxes and a huge library of images to choose from, Canva is the perfect solution for all your design woes.


2) Hemingway App


This proofreading tool helps you make your blogs, press releases and any other textual content you publish more readable and structured. It highlights common grammatical errors and issues with sentence structure. It helps you break down complicated and long sentences and even suggests synonyms for words that can be replaced to make the content more attractive!


3) Buzzsumo


Finding new and interesting topics to create content is key, but with so much widespread information on the internet it is tough for anyone to truly predict how a certain would topic perform. However Buzzsumo helps you with this dilemma letting you analyse how articles from around the web pertaining to the topic have performed.


4) Thinglink


This ingenious tool essentially lets you add rich media links on photos and videos that can contain anything from links to text! It also lets you track how people interact and share your rich media content.


5) Pixabay

Pixabay stock image library

Beautiful stock images can significantly increase the engagement of your social media and blog posts! Unfortunately it’s not so easy to find attractive royalty-free stock images. Pixabay offers you a massive library of over 670000 beautiful stock photos that are high resolution and free from copyright restrictions.


6) Copyscape


Making sure that your content is unique and original is essential. This free plagiarism checker checks your content and gives you a report with similarities and the sources from which the text was taken.


7) Google fonts


This is Google’s very own extensive library of free and open source fonts that are both hosted and served. With Google fonts all you have to do is select a font and it will automatically generate multiple ways in which you can use them on your website or blog.


8) Emaze


Emaze is an online presentation making tool that lets you create stunning presentations in minutes. The extensive library of templates lets you create presentations by simply replacing the text and images with your own. For bootstrapped startups seeking funding, it will serve as a great tool for you to create product pitches that will sweep investors of their feet!


Social Media/Email Marketing Tools

9) Hootsuite


Consistency is the key to growing a following, if you follow a timely posting schedule it can help you improve your interactions and reach significantly. However, it can be cumbersome managing multiple social media accounts and their posting schedules. Hootsuite is a complete social media dashboard wherein you can schedule posts to be published simultaneously on multiple social media accounts from a single interface. With inbuilt analytics and mentions tracker, Hootsuite can help your startup understand exactly how much its investment into social media is yielding.


10) SumoMe


Sumome is a collection of free tools to help you boost your website traffic. It works with WordPress and any other website, offering some of the best sharing buttons in the industry that allow visitors to your site/blog to share content with on social media. It also has features that help you grow your email list. The Sumome sharing widget has become one of the most popular and useful sharing widgets around!


11) Mailchimp


Despite the growth of social media, email marketing is still one of the most cost-effective and essential parts of growing a business. Mailchimp is among the best email campaign tools, offering an amazingly easy-to-use tool to design and send marketing emails. It’s free account comes with a wide range of free templates and lets you send up to a 1000 emails to 2000 subscribers for free.




This online free tool lets you automate tasks by letting you conditionally tie actions together. You can choose from an extensive library of ‘recipes’ that would be triggered based on certain actions. By connecting social media together, you can automate actions such as automatically saving all the pictures you post on a social media to another or even to an online storage drive. It supports upto 350 different services.


13) Klout


Klout is a social media analytics tool that gives you a score depending on your performance on social media. Along with that, it also helps you create better content and reach influencers in any or all industries


Analytics and Benchmarking Tools

14) Google Analytics


The most powerful free tool to monitor website analytics! Not only is Google Analytics completely free but it also offers an amazingly in-depth reporting features to track key metrics including site visits, pageviews, bounce rate, channels and number of goals completed. It lets you set up custom events and goal tracking to help you up your game! All you need is a Google account to sign up.


15) Hotjar


Hotjar is another amazing analytics tool that lets you view heat maps and video recordings of the people who log onto your website! You can see where people click on your site, how much do they scroll and it even lets you create custom funnels to better track conversations and understand user behavior. It’s completely free for small businesses and has options for plans depending upon the number of monthly hits on your website!


16) Bitly


One of the most famous URL shorteners around! Bitly helps you better track the clicks on your content from different mediums. It offers a geographic, time based and source based analytics of the clicks on your posts!


17) Typeform


Typeform is an innovative survey making tool that lets you create interactive graphic surveys! It’s free to use and offers an amazing library of templates to choose from. Gone are the days of plain and boring surveys. Typeform lets you get more feedback by creating attractive surveys!


18) Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is a tool that will give you an estimation of the traffic from certain keywords. Using the keyword you can better understand the keywords that you may want to target to get ranked better for SEO.


19) SEMrush


Tracking your competitor’s marketing strategies is key for any startup. This Search analytics tool gives you insights into your competitor’s website data and tells you how their website ranks for particular keywords, their paid keywords, their backlinks, what sources they get their traffic from, and much more, helping you make better decisions.


So these are our picks for the best free marketing tools for startups, which we have used successfully at MyTripKarma to grow our startup. If you know any other useful free apps, do share them with us in the comments box below.

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