Do you Realize the Problem with Online Travel Today?

We’re sure you can all relate to this

Remember what a pain organizing your last vacation was? Exchanging countless emails, phone calls, Facebook messages & text messages with your co-travelers, only to lose track of them later on, and then spending hours searching and tracking various conversation threads on each of them to remember what you discussed. The entire process took so long and left you so exhausted that you just felt like cancelling the trip!

Online Travel Today

problems with travel planningThere is a lot of research that goes on before one books a trip – things like how to get there, where to stay, what to do, where to eat and ultimately how much it would all cost. You have to visit various websites to collect all this information and use multiple modes of communication to exchange this mountain of data. This pre-travel process takes weeks, even months. More the trip members and longer the trip, the more complicated planning becomes. Even after the trip, sharing trip photos and videos turns out to be a nightmare.

What’s wrong with most Travel sites/apps you use

We believe that online travel should be fun, not exhausting. We studied a wide range of travel applications out there and found that none of them truly matched the needs of today’s social-media oriented travelers, a majority of whom like to do their own research online, and desire all the information they need to plan the perfect trip at their fingertips.

Most ‘travel planning’ apps in the market today are actually OTAs masquerading as planning apps. They tend to promote destinations and packaged trips, and focus largely on booking, which forms a small part of the entire process of travel. The few that do focus on planning are either not very user-friendly or do not offer enough options and content.

The last 4-5 years has seen the emergence of a number of sites which offer curated trips to their users. These trips have predefined itineraries that the user can view and book. But what if you don’t want a predefined itinerary? What if you want to build your own trip, the way you want? And what if you want to create your own itinerary along with your friends who’ll be traveling with you on the trip? Unfortunately there are no sites today that help you do this the way you would want to.

So we decided to build a solution

Through our extensive research, we came to a conclusion that no application takes care of all these things for you – From trip planning to booking to post-trip sharing.

That’s how MyTripKarma was born – It is the easiest way to plan and book travel, allowing you and your friends to create, share and organize all your trips on a single page, making your travel process smooth and enjoyable.


How MyTripKarma makes Travel super easy

Gets everybody on the same page

MyTripKarma utilizes the power of social media to help you plan the perfect trip with your friends. With MyTripKarma you can create a trip and invite your friends via Facebook, Twitter or Email to plan the itinerary together. You can also ask your friends and experts for their opinions about your trip via social media, as well as share your own opinions and experiences about trips others are planning.

MyTripKarma invite friends

Helps you plan and book all types of trips within a single app

Whether you’re planning a long vacation, a weekend or simply a night out, MyTripKarma makes it all a breeze. You can add multiple destinations, along with flights, hotels, restaurants and activities, all using real time rates to plan the ideal trip.

Plan vacations, weekends and business trips with Mytripkarma

Gets you the cheapest fares from across the web

MyTripKarma compares fares for flights and hotels across multiple sites and gets you the cheapest fares on a single screen, making life easy for you. You can add the option you like best and discuss it with your friends. This way, MyTripKarma also acts a great budgeting tool as you and your friends can plan your trip expenditure from start to finish, all at a single location, and see exactly how much a trip is going to cost.

Mytripkarma hotel results

Mytripkarma chat

Calculates the trip expenditure for you 

What’s more, in addition to a common budget, each trip member can create their own budget. This is particularly useful if travelers on a a trip are flying in from different parts of the world or staying in a different room type, which means that their budget will be higher or lower compared to the other tripmates.

Mytripkarma budget and book

Saves your trips for future use and sharing with friends

One of the biggest benefits of MyTripKarma is that all your pre-trip discussions and in-trip photos and videos are stored at a central location and can be viewed and downloaded by all tripmates. This feature is going to be introduced soon.

You can even share your trip plans with your friends and family who are planning a similar trip, and they can use your plan as a template and customize it to make it their own. This is something no other tool offers.

Mytripkarma itinerary

So bid goodbye to the headaches of trip planning and click here to try out the coolest and easiest way to travel!


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