8 Unusual Things to see in London that you won’t find in Travel Guides

There’s one famous saying about London city.

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”

For London is and has always been one of those places where you can experience the complete spectrum of human possibility. The centre of an empire for centuries, right from history to the arts to the sciences, London is a place where you can see, do, and find anything – a world in itself.

For first timers, there are many of informative travel guides on offer and many a well-worn, well-signposted tourist trails to follow covering all the major attractions. But what if you’ve already been there, done that and visited those normal places? Or what if you among those who want to escape the crowds and explore the more eccentric side of London?
London is full of unusual things to do that your travel agent won’t tell you about. You might have to look beyond travel review sites or travel guides to find them but – thankfully – Londoners take such pride in being the first to reveal the latest secret scenes, sights and sounds that there are a host of hidden gems to be discovered via blogs, social media and a good old fashioned stroll around.

So you are up for some interesting and unusual things to do in London on your next trip?

We’ve got you covered…

1) Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel

leake graffiti street london

Leake graffiti Street is underneath the stage and tracks of Waterloo station in the shadow of the London Eye. The passage has been pronounced an approved graffiti area and it’s not surprising that Banksy (the well-known graffiti craftsman from England) played a part in its beginning. The passage was made amid a 2008 “Cans” celebration sorted out by Banksy. This road is on each picture taker’s fantasy list. Do take a tour of street Graffiti tunnel while you visit London.

2) Traffic Light Tree

Traffic Light Tree

The Traffic Light Tree can be found on the movement control circuitous, at the intersection of Heron Quay Bank, Marsh Wall and Westferry Road. The Sculpture was made by craftsman Pierre Vivant in 1998, which copies the regular scene of the adjoining London Plane Trees, while the changing the lights uncovers and mirrors the endless mood of the encompassing residential, monetary and business exercises around London.

3) The Skateboard Graveyard

skateboard graveyard

Look over the railings on the downstream pedestrian crossing on foot intersection of Hungerford Bridge and you’ll see confirmation of an intriguing London subculture. One of the wharfs contains many broken skateboards. This is a skateboard memorial park, where old decks are flung once their backs are broken. It is additionally in tribute to one skater Timothy Baxter, who was killed on the scaffold, his skateboard was tossed over the parapet amid the assault.

4) The Horniman Museum

The Horniman Museum

The Horniman Museum would be one of London’s “must-visit” historical centers. Located in Forest Hill in South London implies the site isn’t dug in on the visitor circuit. That’s something to be thankful for as you don’t need to fight serious queues to review the historical center’s mixed and unpredictable gathering. Its center items were knick-knacks gathered by Frederick John Horniman in Victorian times and the ceaselessly advancing and growing showcases includes all manner of articles relating to human science, music and normal history. Most well-known is the historical center’s huge stuffed walrus however an odd merman figure formed from paper-maché and fish remains as well as grouped tribal covers are additionally worth paying visit.

5) A Jar of Tweeting Moles at the stipend historical center of zoology

Jar of moles

A glass jug of 18 moles is only one of the phenomenally peculiar displays at the Grant Museum of Zoology. Amusingly, the moles even have their own particular Twitter account @glassjarofmoles. One of the UK’s most established common history accumulations, the historical center homes more than 1,000 types of uncommon and wiped out creatures. Other weird shows incorporate an accumulation of liquor safeguarded brains and a gathering of protected warm blooded animal heads, including a chimp, a seal, a red panda and a croc.

6) Shrunken Human Heads at Ripley’s Believe It or Not

An Ecuadorian shrunken human head from t

Contracted human heads are only a portion of the abnormal relics in plain view at London’s magnificently peculiar visiting center Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Ripley’s organizer Robert Ripley obtained his first contracted human head in Lima, Peru, in 1923. The Jivaro tribes of South America would take the heads of fallen adversaries, expel the skin and shrink them to the measure of a clenched hand. Prized as war trophies, contracting the heads was accepted to subjugate the foe’s soul. The contracting of a head was joined by a custom, coming full circle in a triumph celebrated by the whole group.

7) The London Nose


From Trafalgar Square, stroll through the right-hand side of Admiralty Arch towards The Mall. On the left-hand divider you ought to see a little distension. This is the London Nose. We bet you weren’t expecting that! Yes, there’s a real size stone nose around 2 meters up the divider. As per a well known theory, it was for the mounted police to touch as they experience the curve. Others have proposed that it is Napoleon’s nose and they are ‘rubbing his nose in it’. Others say it’s the Duke of Wellington’s nose so touching the nose is good fortune.

8)  The Smallest Police Station in London

the smallest police station

You may have walked past it a thousand times while your visits to London without realizing it – In a corner of Trafalgar Square is the smallest police station in London (according to some people, it’s the smallest in the world). Cunningly built into a lamp post, this tiny police station was just big enough for one policeman and was designed as a way of keeping an eye on demonstrations in the square.

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